Copy of Legging Development Package-part 2

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Phase 1: Technical Design & Materials Selection

Includes sketches, measurements, selection of materials and suppliers, design and spec of custom hardware, labels and hangtags, and technical packet. This work is necessary to create patterns and sew samples of each design and prepare for manufacturing. We hold a meeting / video call to touch and discuss fabrics and hardware and help you select from the options.


Per Legging Style Fee: $1,250 plus $390 sample mould fee inc. shipping+ $1590

4% CC charge ($63.60)

total: $1,653.60


Phase 2: Pattern & First Prototype

Based on the design work in Phase I, our team creates a paper pattern of each design which will be used to properly cut fabric. Then we sew the fabric pieces together into a Prototype. We then assess the prototype to correct errors. Also, we may realize we want to change the design a bit…after all this is the first time seeing the physical manifestation of the design. We will hold a meeting in our studio to review the prototypes with you.


Per Legging Style Fee: included in above if we do offshore development


Phase 3: Additional Prototypes and Production Preparation

It’s very rare that the First Prototype is 100%. Typically, it is 95% correct…but we need to be 100% to properly represent the brand and before moving into manufacturing. It’s an iterative product development process. As we modify the Prototype for perfection, we will be advising on the impacts of different fabrics or stitching, updating the pattern and technical packet, and fundamentally preparing to manufacture.


Additional Prototypes Per Style Fee: $300. These fees are paid on a case by case basis…perhaps not all designs require it.