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The Business of Fashion Academy Launching Soon

Courses to include:

  • How to set up your Fashion Business
  • How to Design your Own Collection
  • How to Manufacture Fashion Product
  • How to Speak Fashion Industry Lingo, for startups

At your leisure you will be able to watch video modules so you can quickly Learn to Launch, Design and Manufacture your own fashion brand. You will be taught 'Design it Yourself' things such the following:

  • How to Set up your Business LLC
  • Best Practices for creating your branding
  • Difference between the types of fabrics and which work better for which styles
  • How create a proper technical packet 
  • How to source fabrics
  • How to do basic garment measurements
  • How to do a fit session
  • How to hire a patternmaker and samplemaker
  • How to make corrections and comments on a 'prototype' so that the manufacturer will understand 
  • How to communicate with factories
  • How to write production purchase orders

The extensive value received in this program, will be incomparable to any other designer and not taught in fashion design schools, this is all stuff, our founder, Jessica Anderson had to learn on her own. She not only takes her fashion design education, but merges it with 10 years in the corporate fashion industry in NY, to her 8 years working one on one with startup clients.

Jessica knows how to translate all that info. for an audience that isn't from the industry, so that they can properly learn the fashion 'lingo' and in turn get their designs created and produced, so they can follow their dreams and quit the 9-5 job.

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