Design Development Comparison Rate Chart

Wondering how much is costs to start, design and manufacture a Fashion Collection? This comprehensive chart easily lays it all out for you.

Link to design & Manufacturing Packages listed above 

Please note you only pay these development fees one time initially, if you go to production, you do not pay development fees again, you just place a reorder on the same developed styles. 

Once you have developed and approved your prototype sample(s). Jessica works to get you the best bulk production costs from her factories & she handles everything to get your product manufactured and shipped straight to your door.

Here are some examples of all inclusive manufacturing costs:

Example production costs below are a range based on 200/units, 1 color per/100 units and 4-5 sizes

Below costing are averages, and may vary depending on your unique design but these will give you a good idea on how to budget:

Asia bulk pricing always includes: Jessica's full manufacturing management, graded specs, labor, quality fabrics, trims, basic clear poly packaging. 

Additional fees are: inside logo tags, hangtags, duty, sea shipment, freight forwarding to the client direct. 


Activewear- $15-22




Childrenswear- $15-20

Intimates- $8-$12

***These are estimates based off previous clients, the higher end is with premium fabrics and if you upgrade your branding with printing and embroidery the costs can go up by $1-$2

Example: Lets say you order 200 pieces of 1 swimwear design at $18 your 

production costs total would be $3,600

At the time of order only 50% is due to start production, so $1,800 would be due at time of order and the balance due prior to them shipping the product.