Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What if I don’t know how to sketch my design to show my idea to your company?

No worries, this is perfect, 98% of our customers are not from the industry, so part of the value you pay for is having Jessica help you merge your ideas and get them down on paper.

 All you have to do is show her is photos, retail samples, tear sheets and she will turn your ideas into a marriage of all the design elements and present you with a technical flat sketch of your design for approval. This is so helpful so you can see your design in front of you and our team uses the sketch for development of your product at our factory.


  1. How do I get started, how does the process work?
  • Jessica offers a free 15 minute call, best to schedule that with her
  • Once you choose your package and the amount of designs you want to start with, either pay via the website, select the qty. or have Jessica send you a custom invoice, there is 10% off for more than 4 styles developed, she will give you a discount code.
  • After you have paid for your development package, Schedule your in-person or zoom design meeting
  • Gather up all your items for the design kick off meeting-retail samples for the fit you want and the styling details, rough sketches, photographs, anything that visually helps you get your design ideas across.


  1. Will the factory steal my design?

Jessica will gladly sign and send her clients an NDA and because of her unique partnerships with factories she does not share any trade information on her clients products, nor do her affiliate factories. Once our clients go to market, we help promote them for more sales.


  1. What are the minimum requirements for bulk orders?
  • For domestic development we can offer 50 pieces minimum per design (style) (1 color, 5 sizes) These prices are 3X higher than bulk manufacturing because they are considered more of a sample order
  • For off shore the manufacturing MOQ is 200 units-from which you can breakdown into 5 sizes and two colors and or print/patterns. The reason being is that the fabric mills have a MOQ of one bolt of fabric per color for wholesale orders, so the fabric needs to be used up otherwise it gets wasted. So on average with this minimum order all the fabric gets used. Still this is 3X less expensive than producing in the US


  1. Are your factories ethical, sustainable, good quality and trustworthy?

 Our founder has been in the fashion industry for over 20 years and has built very solid partnerships with all her factories. She also gives them revenue of hundreds of thousands of dollars each year from all her various clients, so they depend on her business and respect the relationship. Jessica also establishes your ‘brand quality standard’ as part of her services therefore, the factory gets trained on what your collection quality and standards should be.

Jessica has visited lots of factories in China and has seen firsthand that the workers are in good working conditions and are treated fair. If a client wants to launch a sustainable brand, we have factories that offer several sustainable fabric selections, dyes and trims that are recycled and made from organic elements. The only difference is sustainable and recycled items typically cost more than regular textiles.


  1. How long does it take to get my prototype made?

The design development process from start to finish, including your flat sketch, tech packet creation, digital pattern plotting, sourcing of your fashion fabrics and trims then sewing of the actual garment, typically takes 3-4 weeks.


  1. How long does clothing manufacturing take?

From the point your 50% deposit is paid towards production, the process takes 4-6 weeks depending on the complexity of the designs. Then about 20 days on sea freight ship and another 1 ½ weeks for customs review and freight forwarding to your address.


  1. What does it cost to manufacture a fashion line?

There are several variables here, but some averages are, so you have an idea

  • 1 Design-minimum development package is $900 you only pay 1 time just at the start to create your custom produce, you do not pay development costs again, if you place a bulk re-order on the same designs.
  • Bulk manufacturing-unit cost varies on your design. Example: for a garment that is $22/unit (includes all, minus shipping) times 200 units=$4,400 for manufacturing and management
  •  On average for one style at $22 expect to invest about $6,000 for manufacturing including development costs, factory management, highest level expertise and shipping


  1. What if I already have a tech packet or a digital pattern already done from another company?

Jessica will review the tech packet to make sure that it is industry standard and if all elements are there, if its good, she can deduct the cost from your design development package


  1. What if I sell out of product and want to reorder again just in different colors?

You don’t have to pay for sample development again (if the design stays the same) you only pay the current unit cost of your items. Jessica will always manage the manufacturing process, shipping and logistics for you included in the unit cost.


  1. Once I start the design process can I cancel and get a refund?

Since our team starts working on your product development the moment they have the design kick off meeting with you and are sharing valuable industry information and also paying their team members to create your tech packets and patterns, etc. We do not offer refunds for changing your mind. However, we do allow clients to put a hold on the process for up to 1 year, if you find that life gets in the way, we get it.