Prototype Sample Development package offshore factory
Prototype Sample Development package offshore factory
Prototype Sample Development package offshore factory

Prototype Sample Development package offshore factory

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This price includes in order of importance:

    1. Industry Standard Flat Sketches
    2. Industry Standard Technical Packet (for factory use) 
    3. Fabric & Trim Sourcing
    4. Expert fabric knowledge so you select the best textiles for your design
    5. Digital Pattern (factory use only)
    6. Expert Factory Management on the whole development process
    7. Full sample development at the factory direct
    8. 1 prototype Sample (so you can wear/wash test and make corrections/changes to the design)
    9. Includes fabric and trims used on sample
    10. Shipping fees from Factory to Jessica's US design studio
    11. 1 on 1 Video sample review with client upon receipt
    12. Expert review of your sample for quality, fit and update of tech packets based on the sample 
    13. Bulk pricing negotiation with the factory based off sample, you will know what your unit cost is for production including all i.e $15/unit based on 200 units/5 sizes/2 colors
    14. If client goes to production, Jessica also designs all labels, tags for the client (included) 

The value you receive is priceless, having a 20+ years industry expert to mange the whole design development process for you. If you have no experience in the fashion industry it is essential to hire a manager to get your designs developed. Of course you can try to do it yourself with a manufacturer, but trying to get what you desire for your design without knowing how to communicate the industry lingo is nearly impossible. Factories are also notorious for taking advantage of people that don't know what they are doing.

People that come to Jessica after trying to 'DIY' without design or manufacturing experience have usually wasted time and lots of money because they tried to save a few dollars. Just how you would hire a manager to run a new store or restaurant, you would do the same for a very complicated industry.

Our founder spent years on the floors of factories working one on one with manufacturing teams, so she speaks their language. 

This will allow you to avoid costly mistakes and the chance of being taken advantage of by manufacturers. 

Jessica manages product development with her offshore factories direct and she has negotiates on behalf of her clients to get the best bulk manufacturing costs, with as little as 200 units/2 colors/4 sizes. 

This is an ideal way to produce your fashion product quickly, and perfect for those clients that simply want to re-develop an already existing product, changing it ever so slightly, but produce it in different colors, fabrics, etc.

***With this option you get a design sketch, but do not own a tech packet, or digital pattern, those will be created but only used between the factory and myself. Reason being is we want you to keep the production with us and it keeps your development costs low. If you want to own the tech packet, and pattern, then these packages might be better for you, but cost more.

This is for 1 design sample development only, additional 2nd samples (of the same style) are $350, those can be purchased here

This package is perfect for those wanting to move into production because Jessica has key partnerships with several factories where she has negotiated low minimum quantity production, she has negated 200/style minimums. This makes your speed to market quick and super low costs compared to US production. 

Example production costs below for styles based on 200/units, 1 color per/100 units. Below costing are averages, and may vary depending on your style:

Asia bulk pricing always includes: Labor, quality fabrics, trim, logo tags, hangtags, poly packaging, duty, sea shipment, freight forwarding


Activewear- $17-24



Kids Apparel- $15-20

Intimates- $10-$15

 *No services or custom products are refundable, and prices are subject to change

Please note you only pay these development fees one time initially, if you go to production, you do not pay development fees again, you just place a reorder on the same styles.