Production Management

Jessica works with over 20 factories all specializing in different categories. The fashion categories she has expert knowledge in are; womens and mens ready to wear, swimwear, childrenswear, activewear, sleepwear, streetwear, sweaters, baby apparel, accessories, knitted apparel, socks, lingerie, denim, bodysuits.

Jessica is not a middle man for manufacturers, she is an insider industry expert that has built years of relationships with several manufacturers, so she is able to get them to produce low quantities and develop custom fashion designs at very low cost. Jessica knows exactly what to look for and how to answer the factories technical questions and production solutions. Jessica is not only a clothing manufacturer in Miami, she also has apparel manufacturers in Los Angeles and well as small production manufacturers in China.

Another advantage to having Jessica manage your small quantity production is she will negotiate your per unit costs. Her key relationships with China factories allow her clients to produce as little as 200 units per style design. In the US Jessica works with factories that will allow her to produce low minimums at 50 units per style. This takes the stress off of worrying if the manufacturer is going to take advantage of you.

Advantages of working with Jessica on Production Management

  • She speaks the industry lingo and knows how to communicate with factories who use English as their 2nd language
  • She has been to countless overseas factories and worked direct with thier factory teams in China, Korea, India and Italy for over 20 years.
  • No hidden costs everything is very 'clear' on this website, client pays unit cost with includes all the below expert management services
  • Due to her key partnership relationships with factories, she is able to get low moq. 200 piece per style at factories where some usually require at least 1,000/pc. minimums
  • Her expertise on fit and how to make sample corrections will not only ensure success and less returns with customers but she will set up your brand 'fit standard' with the factory, which includes developing your grade rule/sizing
  • Work one on one with her factories to create & establish brand and quality standards
  • Establish the factory ‘graded’ specs sizing between sizes for each size in the production run
  • Management of pre-production sample and measuring garment dimensions to check if within tolerance
  • Design of labels/tags for final product
  • Fabric, performance testing/washing of product with clients to look for crocking, color bleed, etc.-test the product and give that feedback to the factory with any changes or corrections
  • Correspond with factory regarding any changes/adds regarding sales sample requests, etc.
  • Work with client & factory with any issues that arise during the manufacturing process to come up with the best solutions
  • Weekly follow up with factory to ensure on time delivery
  • Work with factory on freight shipping, freight forwarding, shipping logistics and tracking numbers
  • If any issues with delivered bulk (client has 30 days with trade assurance to review goods) In the event of an issue, Jessica works with the factory to fix/replace products and manage that in a timely process