Florida Apparel Manufacturer Advice

Jessica a production expert manages development and production with a few clothing manufacturers in Florida. The Florida market mostly specializes in knit garments, cut and sew. The big focus is on swimwear production and activewear production in Miami. The minimums for small order manufacturing in the US are usually 200 pieces per style. Jessica however has her own sample room where she can do as little as 50 pieces per style. Florida production is tough if you are wanting to produce denim, Jessica has other factories in the US where she does her small lot denim production. Another good reason to produce in the US is for military uniforms and tactical clothing manufacturing that has to be Barry compliant clothing.

The benefits of producing in the US, are you have a faster speed to market, you can have more control over the quality. Especially now with the coronavirus , delays in manufacturing overseas are on the rise. Another benefit when it comes to sourcing your materials, with Jessica's help you can have more wholesale fabric options to choose from by using a design consultant, than what the factory would offer you, which is usually 2-3 options. Inside Jessica's design studio you can sort through thousands of high-quality fabrics that are already warehoused in the US, so they arrive to your clothing manufacturers location a lot faster. 

E-mail Jessica for more info on manufacturing in the US: jessica@designtoproduce.com