• Made in China stigma and how to get around it

    Recently, due to the pandemic several clients have been hesitant to want to label their product made in China. However, due to labor costs being so...
  • Common Issues with manufacturing and why to work with an expert

    It is imperative to work with a manufacturing expert when starting a fashion business for several reasons which I will explain below. Much like you...
  • Taylor Blum Mens Hybrid Pant Production Complete

    I absolutely love being a clothing manufacturer for startups. Having my own apparel production company now for the past nine years, has allowed me to help so many of my clients launch their own fashion lines and its super rewarding.


  • Design to Produce's client Great Lakes Gear takes over the fishing apparel market

    Jessica developed her clients first Great Lakes Gear, mens custom fishing apparel collection, her clients who are avid fishermen and grew up on Lake Michigan came to Jessica late in 2019 with the vision to create a quick drying, lightweight, UPF water lifestyle brand that would be modern and enhance the outdoor water lifestyle. 
  • Need a garment samplemaker

    In search of an apparel sample maker also known as a clothing seamstress? Look no further, Jessica a Florida manufacturer will work with you one-on-one to create your first fashion prototype. All you need to do is show her a picture or a piece of clothing that you want to model your design after and she will get you a high-quality first sample, so you can see your design in a physical product that she will later get manufactured for you.
  • Jessica Developed and Manufactured New Activewear Collection CadenceFit

    Jessica took this client from a fashion sketch, created her industry level techpacket, created a fashion prototype sample product and then manufact...
  • Sustainable Fashion Production

    Wanting to start a sustainable fashion collection? Jessica helps each client source the essential sustainable fabrics and manages several factories that are vertical operations which allow for less of a carbon footprint on the environment.
  • Online Fashion Design and Manufacturing Course

    Learn to Launch, Design and Manufacture your own fashion brand with my online fashion design and manufacturing course. Available soon. I will be offering a downloadable e-book as well as a video course for all you DIY types.

    After 20+ years in the fashion industry, I thought it was about time, I shared everything in my brain with you all. 

    I will teach the 'Design it yourself 'types things such the following:

    • How to Set up your Business LLC
    • Best Practices for creating your branding
    • Difference between the types of fabrics and which work better for which styles
    • How to do a proper Technical packet and what it should have in it
    • How to do basic garment measurements
    • How to make corrections and comments on a 'prototype' so that the manufacturer will understand 
    • How to communicate with factories
    • How to write production purchase orders
  • Denim Manufacturer in South Florida

    Looking for a denim manufacturer with low minimums. Look no further, my high quality denim factories have the latest in denim textiles and washes with low 200 pcs. minimums. Within those minimums, you can do two colors or garment washes, and 4 sizes. Another cool thing is adding your own logo patch or embroidery, or unique stitching (thread color) or stitch type.
  • Success Story: Client Bodylicous Couture expands into new collection

    Jessica worked one on one with her sample maker in Miami to ensure all of her clients visions were incorporated on the garments. 

    Jennifer has had huge success with the launch of her first collection: Passport to Freedom, and recently reached out to Jessica to work on a second collection. 

    This is what makes Jessica thrive, she loves when her clients have success and while she doesn't directly assist them with the sales of their fashion collections, she helps them design, source, manufacture and effectively merchandise the collections for market appeal and helps promote all her clients on social media.

  • Jessica's client Ella Daline Bodysuits Launches

    Jessica worked one on one with her client to get her first fashion prototypes made in her Miami sample room. Once the prototypes and digital patterns were approved for production, Jessica shipped them to her China manufacturer so they could be  mass produced. Check out the final produced product here:
  • Jessica Produces Custom Womens Medical Scrubs

    Jessica Anderson a South Florida manufacturer produced this line of womens scrubs for her client's brand, The Scrub Label. What is unique about this womens medical clothing, is it is designed by a nurse herself, Natorya Pauley, so she knows what types of pockets and practical fabrics are needed for a busy on the job woman.