Made in China stigma and how to get around it

Recently, due to the pandemic several clients have been hesitant to want to label their product made in China. However, due to labor costs being so expensive in the US, they decide to move forward with China Manufacturing. Many of them are so happy when they find my company a US representative that has direct relationships with factories with full service apparel manufacturing management.

In the past year alone, I have produced over 25 lines with Asia development. I have come up with creative ways to show a US based customer that even though a garment is manufactured in Asia, it still has integrity and the following:

1. Designed and tested in the United States. 

2.  US based design team which incorporates modern designs and textiles.

3. US technical design team with over 20+ years of garment design and manufacturing

4.  Original designs and even original print and fabric development

All of which gives my clients and their brands a competitive edge from companies that are just buying product off a catalog and sticking their logo on it. 

As far as the labeling goes I come up with very creative ways to state those facts

1. Designed in Miami, Designed in USA, Designed in NY, Born in USA

Using fun slogans on your care labels like this let the customer know that your brand is original and has attention to details

Since all garments being imported into the US must have the country of origin on them, we then we put on the backside of the labels (less discreet)

1. Made in PRC, Made in Asia, Made in China