How to Start a Fashion Line FAQ's

Hey Guys,

I decided to do a blog post for almost everyone that visits my website or IG, because their first question is always "how do I get my clothing designs made?"

Keep in mind 9 out of 10 of my clients are not industry designers, but always have a creative vision that they need made into physical product that they can sell. 

So here is how it starts in a nutshell:

1. You e-mail me a picture of a garment or rough drawing of what your design is and explain any changes you want to make to it, I then turn that into a technical flat sketch-Example here. Why do you need a flat sketch? This is so that a factory and sample maker can see the exact detail of your garment not to mention it is industry standard. The flat sketch will in detail show many buttons it has, how is the collar designed, if their are pockets, etc.

2. The flat sketch is then used to create a technical packet- this has all the (specs) measurements that an apparel manufacturer needs to produce your fashion product. Examples here

3. Using that Technical packet, my technical team turns your design into a digital paper pattern-Example Here, otherwise know as a paper pattern. You can think of this as the blueprint of your design, much like an architect needs to build a house, this fashion paper pattern is the KEY ingredient you need to cut and sew your garment.

4. After those 3 steps are done, my samplemaker in Miami is now ready to cut and sew your first prototype. It is so important to make a first fashion sample in your exact fabric so that you can wear test it, wash it, make sure you love your design before you go into production.

If you want to discuss your fashion collection further and the best steps to take, you can schedule a time to pick my brain via this link.