Need a garment samplemaker

In search of an apparel sample maker? Look no further, Jessica a Florida manufacturer will work with you one-on-one to create your first fashion prototype. All you need to do is show her a picture or a piece of clothing that you want to model your design after and she will get you a high-quality first sample, so you can see your design in a physical product that she will later get manufactured for you.

The process is done in the following steps:

Here are the first steps:
1. E-mail Jessica sketches (don't stress if they aren't perfect) images that show design details that you want, also photographs of styles that you want to incorporate into your design
2. Clients then ship sample garments that they want to use for size reference, Jessica uses them as a baseline for the fit of your prototype, the fit will not be exactly the same as the garments, because your sampling fabric will more than likely be different, but this will get you as close as possible to the desired fit that you want for your first prototype. 
3. Set up a Design Kick off meeting-either in person (not necessary) or a zoom video call with me after I have received your items, so we can discuss all the design details, fabric and fit.
4. Then she creates your Industry Standard Flat Sketch (front and back) of each design and e-mail it to you for your approval 
Time needed: 1 week
5. Once the flat sketch is approved by you, Jessica creates your technical packet. Then the technical packet gets sent to my factory so they can make your paper pattern, which is essential to cutting and sewing your garment.
Time needed: Usually 1-2 weeks max
6. Factory will create your paper pattern based off the technical packet while sourcing the fabric options based on your request.
Usually takes a week
7. Typically the factory (to save time) will e-mail fabric and trim options for me to review with my client so that you can select a color and fabric quality for your first prototype to be made in.
Time needed: 1-2 weeks 
8. Factory cuts and sews your first prototype
Usually takes 1-2 weeks depending on the busy time of year and complexity of design
9. Factory ships sample to Jessica's design studio, she then measures (specs) it out and records the specs on your tech packet, then ships her client the sample.
That's about it in a nutshell, how Jessica guides each client to bring their fashion vision to life.