Online Fashion Design and Manufacturing Course

Exciting News! I am currently creating my video modules for a DIY Learn to Launch, Design and Manufacture your own fashion brand.

After 20+ years in the fashion industry, I thought it was about time, I shared everything in my brain with you all. 

I will teach the 'Design it yourself 'types things such the following:

  • How to Set up your Business LLC
  • Best Practices for creating your branding
  • Difference between the types of fabrics and which work better for which styles
  • How to do a proper Technical packet and what it should have in it
  • How to do basic garment measurements
  • How to make corrections and comments on a 'prototype' so that the manufacturer will understand 
  • How to communicate with factories
  • How to write production purchase orders

The extensive value received in this program, will be incomparable to any other designer and trust me not taught in fashion design schools, this is all stuff, I had to learn on my own.

You will see, I not only take my fashion design education, but I merge that with 10 years in the corporate fashion industry in NY, to my 7 years working one on one with clients having my own design and manufacturing company.

 I know how to translate all that info. for an audience that isn't from the industry, so that they can properly learn the fashion 'lingo' and in turn get their designs created and produced, so they can follow their dreams and quit the 9-5 job.

If you want to send me your e-mail for news when I launch the course: send an email to: