Original Clothing Design vs. Private Label

Jessica talks about the advantages of product development, sometimes called private label design vs. original clothing design. The two main factors to consider with product development, is re-interpreting an existing style, that a manufacturer already has, is that you speed up the development process. The reason being, is a supplier has already made the tech packet, paper pattern, and done the sample for a 'private label' fashion. So if you like the style its just a matter of adding your logo identification, a print graphic and changing out the fabric colors. This type of product development allows you to go straight to manufacturing. When you create an original fashion design, you need to first have your technical flat sketch done, technical packet, then from that create your digital to paper pattern, and then make the sample. After the sample is sewn, then you can wear and wash test the garment. This process makes the speed to market a lot slower, but is the best option for someone wanting to create an original design or a design that has been patented. Watch Jessica on youtube where she explains further the differences between original clothing design and private label manufacturing.