Success Story: Client Bodylicous Couture expands into new collection

One of Jessica's first clients Jennifer Love came to her in 2016. She had a vision to have zippers on all of her original designs that would make them convertible and adapt to a womans busy lifestyle. Her shirt would convert to a vest, a pencil skirt with a detachable ruffle, a cocktail dress with a detachable hoodie, a bolero with a butterfly zipper pattern and several accessories pieces. Due to the complexity of the designs, Jessica knew that the sampling would take a bit longer. First Jessica had her Miami sampleroom create a muslin of the styles, rather than using a nice slik fabric, that way she could work with her client to get the layout and design of the zippers correct so that they could then make the first clothing prototype. It took 2 prototypes to get to the perfect pre-production sample. Jessica worked one on one with her sample maker in Miami to ensure all of her clients visions were incorporated on the garments. 

Jennifer has had huge success with the launch of her first collection: Passport to Freedom, and recently reached out to Jessica to work on a second collection. 

This is what makes Jessica thrive, she loves when her clients have success and while she doesn't directly assist them with the sales of their fashion collections, she helps them design, source, manufacture and effectively merchandise the collections for market appeal and helps promote all her clients on social media.

Check out the Bodylicious Couture collection at: