Sustainable Fashion Design & Production

Wondering how to get your fashion line designed and manufactured without leaving a huge imprint on the environment? Several of my clients want to support an amazing cause our mother earth, and choose to do so by using zero waste biodegradable packaging, recycled paper and plastic hangtags and sustainably sourced and recycled fabrics which Jessica helps them do just that.

Sustainably sourced bamboo fabric feels like a combination between silk and cotton. Bamboo fabric is often compared to the softness and luxurious feeling of cashmere. Recycled bamboo rayon fabrics are a great way to design a swimwear line that is sustainable. 

Jessica even has a new client launching a collection of biodegradable womens undergarments using organic pima cotton and compostable elastic trims.  Why not save our ozone while disposing of your old undies.

Check out this collection below of sustainable Bamboo Streetwear that Jessica developed & produced for Sonder Brands

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