The difference between a fabric print and a fabric pattern

The process of printing a pattern on a garment can be daunting for most of my clients. A few reasons, is they are not clear on the different types of prints available to them as well as how to articulate how they want their graphic printed on clothing. In this in-depth youtube video, I explain the difference between a fabric pattern, a fashion print, printing on fabric, printing on clothing and the difference between textured fabric and printed textured fabrics. Textile design is a complicated process and don't worry if it takes time to understand fashion textiles. I had to take a course in college just on textiles. Even then it took me years of experience in the NY fashion industry to truly understand the difference between fabrics and which printing methods are better for which fabrics. A lot of my clients want to have their logo or a graphic print put on a tee shirt or on their clothing, which I can do easily as my Asia Factories. Check out the insider video here.