• Online Fashion Design and Manufacturing Course

    Learn to Launch, Design and Manufacture your own fashion brand with my online fashion design and manufacturing course. Available soon. I will be offering a downloadable e-book as well as a video course for all you DIY types.

    After 20+ years in the fashion industry, I thought it was about time, I shared everything in my brain with you all. 

    I will teach the 'Design it yourself 'types things such the following:

    • How to Set up your Business LLC
    • Best Practices for creating your branding
    • Difference between the types of fabrics and which work better for which styles
    • How to do a proper Technical packet and what it should have in it
    • How to do basic garment measurements
    • How to make corrections and comments on a 'prototype' so that the manufacturer will understand 
    • How to communicate with factories
    • How to write production purchase orders